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Our History

Centragrid successfully commissioned 2MW (Phase 1) of its licensed capacity on the 1st of August 2019. This is one of only two such grid tied PV solar power plants that are operating in Zimbabwe.

The 2MW plant consists of 6,400 polycrystalline panels, arranged in series and set in racking structures that are fitted with horizontal single axis trackers that track the movement of the sun from the east to the west. The tracking system enables our plant to yield 25% more electrical output than a comparable plant with a fixed racking system. There are 44 Huawei grid-tied inverters, 11 AC combiner boxes and a 2.5MW 0.48/33kV step up transformer. A breaker room for power conditioning has been built, with capabilities for protection, frequency and voltage monitoring, metering, control and operations func- tions. Power from the plant is fed into the national grid through a 6.6km 33kV overhead transmission line that terminates into the 33kV Norton-Darwendale feeder.

Centragrid is currently in development to expand its power plant to its full licensed capacity of 25MW (Phase 2). On completion of the expansion, the 25MW plant will comprise approximately 70,000 solar modules arranged into 10 power blocks, each with a capacity of 2.5MWdc. The 25MW plant will cover a land area of about 50ha.

About Centragrid

Centragrid Private Limited is an independent power producer licensed to own, finance, construct and operate a 25MW solar power plant and its associated transmission facilities in Nyabira, Zimbabwe. The power plant is located at the 35km peg along the Harare-Chirundu highway.Today, Centragrid is making real strides towards achieving this mandate with 2MW of solar PV in operation, a planned expansion of 23MW in the advanced stages of development and a talented group of young professionals driving and stewarding its implementation.

Our Vision

Passionate about driving large scale energy infrastructure development in Africa, the founder created Centragrid with the intention to pioneer the deployment of grid-scale photovoltaic solar power generation in Zimbabwe and to sustainably fill the energy supply gap in the country.

Our Mission

Our mission at Centragrid is to:
• Invest, construct, manage and operate solar power generation facili- ties
• Create a national and regional footprint of well designed, constructed, managed and operated high performance solar power plants
• Increase economic participation and facilitate the empowerment of local communities through job creation and strategic investments

Corporate Shared Value

At Centragrid we firmly believe not only in making profit but also creating economic value by adding value to society. We embrace corporate social responsibility and are committed to making positive contributions for the betterment of our society. Our goal is to create tangible and measurable impact in diverse areas in align- ment with UN Sustainable Development Goals. Local labour is procured periodically for ongoing maintenance activities at the plant.


As a green energy company, Centragrid is committed to conducting its business in a sustainable manner – environmentally, socially, and financially. We aim to create enduring value by helping to create a country powered by clean, affordable renewable electricity. Centragrid’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in our company policies and growth strategy. We will achieve this through sustainable power generation at a competitive cost and with the smallest possible environmental impacts..

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Our Contacts

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Phone : (+263) 8677009585
Email : info@centragrid.com
Location : Section 2 of Penrose Farm, Harare - Chirundu Highway, Nyabira, Zimbabwe.