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Our Power Plant

25MW PV Solar - Nyabira, Zimbabwe.

Located 30km outside the City of Harare in Nyabira, the project expands over 120 hectares of land. The facility generates electricity using 90 200 solar (PV) panels and feeds the 33kV ZETDC distribution system. It  will commence construction at the end of August 2016 and reach Commercial Operations in March 2017. The solar power project generates 85 458 MWh per year, supplying enough clean, renewable electrical energy to power more than 1 900 Zimbabwean homes. The project received full Environmental Authorisation from the EMA and has many environmental benefits such as reduced carbon emissions and water saving.

Solar power is a clean, renewable electrical energy source. There are many environmental benefits of solar energy, including:

Environmental benefits

  • Use of solar generation reduces the reliance on traditional power plants.
  • Does not emit CO2 and other damaging gases into the environment.
  • Solar energy does not consume water during the generation process.
  • Sunshine is plentiful and renewable (will not deplete resources or damage the environment).

The project conducted a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment, which included public consultation and has received full Environmental Authorisation from the Environmental Management Authority.