Centragrid PV Power Plant

Nyabira, Zimbabwe

Plant Overview

Centragrid successfully commissioned 2MW (Phase 1) of its licensed capac- ity on the 1st of August 2019. This is one of only two such grid tied PV solar power plants that are operating in Zimbabwe.

The 2MW plant consist of  polycrystalline panels, arranged in series and set in racking structures that are fitted with horizontal single axis trackers that track the movement of the sun from the east to the west.

 The tracking system enables our plant to yield result 25% more electrical output than a compara- ble plant with a fixed racking system. There are string grid-tied inverters,  AC combiner boxes and a 0.48/33kV step up transformer. A breaker room for power conditioning has been built, with capabilities for protection, frequency and voltage monitoring, metering, control and operations func- tions. Power from the plant is fed into the national grid through a 33kV overhead transmission line that terminates into the 33kV Norton-Darwendale feeder.

Centragrid is currently in development to expand its power plant to its full licensed capacity of 25MW (Phase 2). On completion of the expansion, the 25MW plant will comprise of solar modules arranged into 10 power blocks, each with a capacity of 2.5MWdc. The 25MW plant will cover a land area of about 50ha.

Centragrid PV Solar Power Plant, Nyabira

Increased Capture

Single Axis Tracker

Single axis tracker has a better efficiency related to a solar panel in fixed form. The effectiveness of single axis solar tracker over fixed solar tracking mount panel is 25% – 32.17%.

Stone throw away

35km from Harare

Our location is just perfect, convientntly close the the capital city and the new parlament. this allows for a rapid response from our O and M and well as the ease of assess to service providers.

Built to Last

Reputable Contractors

Centragrid Employees seasoned Contractors for both EPC, Operations and Maintenance. This ensures the efficient, effective and compliant construction and operation of the asset. CES is manned by qualified personnel with experience in high voltage electrical plant operations and maintenance and supported by the OEM.

Site Footprint

Expandable to 80MW

Our plant is located on a vast streachof Land which allows for further expansion from 25MW to above 80MW.

Never Skipped a Day

Great Operational Record

Our operational service record to date has a 100% avalibility on the plant, this is due to our thourgh operations and maintainence regime and OEM support.

Shaping our Community

Creating oppotunities for Locals

Centragrid is dedicated to empowering the community through economic empowerment and providing local participation in the provision of services to the plant. We support women in the community, through equal inclusion in all oppotunities.

Plant Expansion

Phase 1

  • One 2.5MW Power Block 
  • 6km – 33kV Transmission Line
  • Polycrystaline Panels
  • Single Axis Tracking
  • Commisioned – Aug 2019
  • In full operation

Phase 2

  • Nine 2.5MW Power Block 
  • 4.5km – 88/132kV Transmission Line
  • Monocrystaline Panels
  • Single Axis Tracking
  • Commissioning – March 2022
  • Pre – Construction

From the raising of the Sun!

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