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As a green energy company, Centragrid is committed to conducting its business in a sustainable manner – environmentally, socially, and financially. We aim to create enduring value by helping to create a country powered by clean, affordable renewable electricity. Centragrid’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in our company policies and growth strategy. We will achieve this through sustainable power generation at a competitive cost and with the smallest possible environmental impacts.

At Centragrid we firmly believe not only in making profit but also creating economic value by adding value to society. We embrace corporate social responsibility and are committed to making positive contributions for the betterment of our society. Our goal is to create tangible and measurable impact in diverse areas in align- ment with UN Sustainable Development Goals
Supporting and empowering the local community is an integral part of our business’s everyday operations. At the peak of construction, 150 skilled and semi-skilled personnel were employed at the site creating value to the country and to the local community. Local labour is procured periodically for ongoing maintenance activities at the plant. Our procurement policy also prioritises local suppliers for the procurement of resources and services used in operations.In support of the country’s efforts to combat the Covid 19 pandemic, in May 2020, Centragrid renovated Government’s Belvedere COVID19 quarantine facilities.
Timisela Zunguze, Managing Director
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Our Community Initiatives

Making a differance in the communities that we live in

Rehabilitation of Belverderes Teachers Collage, Covid-19 Isolation centre

Company & Staff Contribution towards procurement of Covid 19 Vaccine

Donation and Installation of Power system – Howard Hospital

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